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Toyota concept car LQ to build an emotional bond with driver

Toyota recently unveiled its LQ concept car that will build an emotional bond with its driver.

The LQ is expected to be equipped with automated driving capabilities and Yui, an artificial intelligence-powered interactive agent that’s made to learn from the driver and give a tailored experience.

Development leader Daisuke Ido said, “With the LQ, we are proud to propose a vehicle that can deliver a personalised experience, meet each driver’s unique mobility needs, and build an even stronger bond between car and driver.”

The LQ is to feature at the “Future Expo” display at Tokyo’s Motor Show this month.

Yui will provide a “personalised mobility experience” that’s based on the driver’s alertness and emotional state. It can select music based on the atmosphere and provide current information on topics it deems will interest the driver.

Toyota’s LQ is expected to adopt technology to provide peace of mind, safety and a comfortable experience including an augmented-reality head-up display and a driver seat with alertness and relaxation functions.

Seat alertness and relaxation functions will help keep the driver awake or relaxed. When it recognises that the driver is tried, an air bag in the seat back will inflate to encourage the driver to sit upright and redirects cool air from the ventilation system in the seat. When conditions allow for the driver to relax, the air bag in the seat will slowly inflate and deflate to promote abdominal breathing.

LQ will be take part in a public test-drive event – Toyota Yui Project Tours 2020 – scheduled to run from June to September 2020.

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