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tesla pickup truck

Tesla teases new electric ute

In a recent Twitter post, Tesla founder Elon Musk has revealed that they’re “close” to unveiling their first and highly anticipated light commercial vehicle, “maybe 2 to 3 months”. He said that “the magic is in the final details”.

Currently, the unnamed Tesla pickup is the most talked about ute on Twitter, even beating out the ever popular Ford F-150.

Prior to the unveiling announcement, Musk already revealed minor tidbits about the vehicle. Regarding its design, it would be a “futuristic like cyberpunk, Blade Runner pickup truck” that would be unlike anything on the market, and that “it’s not going to be for everyone”.

In a podcast, it was revealed that they were trying to keep the starting price point for the unnamed Tesla pickup below USD$50,000. Musk said:

“We don’t want it to be really expensive. I think it got to start at less than $50,000 – it’s got to be like $49,000 starting price max. Ideally less. It just can’t be unaffordable. It’s got to be something that’s affordable. There will be versions of the truck that will be more expensive, but you’ve got to be able to get a really great truck for $49,000 or less.”

Musk has also hinted at a range between 650km and 800km, which implies that the pickup will have a battery larger than 100kWh.

Quite the visionary, Musk has said in regards to the functionality of the Tesla pick up:

“It’s going to be a truck that is more capable than other trucks. The goal is to be a better truck than a [Ford] F-150 in terms of truck-like functionality and be a better sports car than a standard [Porsche] 911. That’s the aspiration.”

We’ll have to wait until the unveiling to know final specifications and the design. For now, there have been a few renders of the hotly anticipated Tesla pickup.


The above render from artist Justin Duel James (AKA Duelj) managed to utilise the teaser image Musk posted on his Twitter in March 2019.

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