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Mercedes Actros: first vehicle with digital mirrors in Australia

Conventional side mirrors could be replaced by small cameras with high-resolution displays inside cabins to improve visibility and fuel economy.

The first vehicle on sale in Australia that features cameras instead of traditional side mirrors is the newest Mercedes-Benz Actros truck.


The Actros is the first road-registered vehicle in Australia with said technology, which is a $3,000 option.

Those who have tested the newest innovation says that the removal of the large vertical side mirrors improves front-three-quarter visibility, which makes it easier to spot cyclists and other traffic, especially as they approach intersections.

Another positive to the having the digital cameras is that the physical mirror is no longer covered in grime or hidden by dirty side windows because the large vertical display is not mounted into the cabin and the housing of the camera lens has been aerodynamically designed to minimise debris.


According to Mercedes, the high mounting position of the camera arms “not only ensures excellent visibility, it also gets much less dirty in this position than the lower glass mirror” and the lenses have a “water-repellent coating”.

“The camera system is automatically heated when temperatures fall below 15 degrees Celsius, and the brightness can be adjusted separately for the driver and passenger sides,” the company says.

“At dusk and at night the cameras … continuously adjust to the changing light conditions. The same applies to areas with artificial lighting such as a tunnel,” says Mercedes.


The small lenses also serve as security cameras when the truck is stopped and can be viewed from the driver’s bunk, even in low light.

While the digital side mirrors Mercedes have dubbed “MirrorCam” have been available in Australia for two months, it’s worth noting that more than half of Actros truck buyers have opted for the technology.

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