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Honda launches antiviral filter for your car

Japanese car maker, Honda, has created an air filter they claim will capture more than 99.8% of airborne virus droplets in your car.

Named the Kurumask, the filter was released as an accessory for the updated Japanese-market Honda N-Box kei-car in December 2020. It was designed to remove microbes inside the car cabin within 15 minutes, Honda claims.

Testing was conducted in the Honda N-Box kei-car and was fitted to the car’s air conditioning system while in-air recirculation mode was used.

E.coli bacteria was used in the test and results showed that 99.8% of the droplets containing the bacteria were removed within 15 minutes and 99.9% of any traces on surfaces were removed after 24 hours.

How does the Honda kurumask work?

According to Honda, the air filter catches the virus droplets on its special surface, reducing their shape and damaging them in the process. The technology uses a zinc phosphate chemical conversion treatment which is also used to prevent vehicles from rusting.

The kurumask destroys existing viruses inside the cabin like those that you may catch when you go into any public spaces or a quick grocery run.

Designed as a part of a project to create a vehicle that can safely transport COVID-19 patient without infecting the driver, as the filter is a consumable accessory, it must be replaced annually or after 15,000kms, according to Honda.

Currently, the Kurumaku is only for sale to Japan-based owners for an MSRO of 6,400 yen, roughly AUD $80. The new component can be retrofitted to the N-Box’s current clean filter. However, Honda have confirmed that it will roll out the air filter to other models in the near future.

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