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flying car

Flying cars may not be in the distant future

Japanese technology company NEC took their prototype ‘flying car’ to the skies in Tokyo earlier last week.

Attended by journalists and investors, testing was conducted in an enclosed space to ensure safety where the vehicle hovered three metres above the ground during the demonstration.

Likened to a drone rather than looking like a tradition on-road vehicle, the flying car has four rotors for vertical lift off. It seems as if the vehicle could accommodate three adults.

The vehicle was partly funded by the Japanese government with the objective of releasing this type of technology to the market sometime in the next 12 years.

They join compatriot, Cartivator in making the flying car widely available. However, NEC is a supporter of Cartivator, who partnered with Toyota at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to light the flame at the opening ceremony.

No details of NEC’s vehicle have been disclosed at this time.


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