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COVID-19 and your vehicle

As COVID-19 has placed the majority of the world into lockdown, there are many social distancing rules that have now been put into effect to hinder the spread of the virus.

When it comes to your car and passengers, there are safety measures you can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here are some questions that might be on your mind when dealing with your car and passengers during this time.

Can I take a leisurely drive or road trip?

No. You aren’t permitted to leave your house unless you are carrying out one of several essential activities.

While these essential activities differ state to state, many of them do include travel to and from work or education, obtaining household supplies and medical supplies, providing care or traveling in an emergency.

Can I have a passenger at the front?

This can be a tricky one as the official advice is to maintain 1.5 metre distance from others to avoid contact.

You might not have a car that can provide that distance, which means it would be best to avoid having passengers in your car. This does exclude people from within your household.

If you must share a vehicle with someone be mindful of touching the same surfaces and avoid touching your face. Practice social distancing and good hygiene by washing your hands before and after getting into the car and disinfect the most touched surfaces in the car, i.e. handles, seatbelt buckles and so on.

Can I get my car serviced or repaired?

Yes. Many repair centres are still operating during this time. It would be best to get your car serviced to keep it in good condition, even if you have minimised usage.

Can I go to a dealership and purchase a car if I need to?

Yes, for now dealerships are still open.

There are many dealerships now that are implementing ‘contactless’ car buying options for their customers to practice social distancing and limit physical contact including at-home test drives.

Can I use taxis or Uber?

Ride-hailing companies and taxis are still operational during this time, though Uber has suspended its Uber Pool service as multi-passenger ride-sharing is inadvisable during this time.

It’s best that you avoid close contact with your driver and use hand sanitiser before and after getting into the car.

As always, don’t touch your face and wash your hands after leaving the car.

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