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Car ownership expected to rise post COVID-19

The majority non-vehicle owners are now more likely to purchase a car, and many will be less likely to use public transport and ride sharing services, according to a survey conducted by carsales.

According to a survey of almost 3000 conducted by car sales from April 18 to 27, car ownership is expected to rise due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Concerns mentioned in the survey included hygiene, contact with other as well as convenience, which has made Australians rethink their usual everyday transport options.

Approximately 45% of non-car owners that were surveyed said that their views on primary transport preferences have changed.

The survey also discovered that 58.8% of non-car owners were more likely to consider purchasing a vehicle, while 38% were ‘definitely’ likely to consider purchasing a car ‘right now’.


Another finding of the survey includes 37% of the same non-car owner cohort, were less likely to use public transport, while half of that number (18%) were less likely to use ride sharing services post-COVID-19.

“Australia is undoubtedly going to see many changes post-COVID-19. This research points towards an uptick in car ownership which is a good thing for the auto industry which directly employs over 66,000 Australians,” said carsales CEO, Cameron McIntyre.

“The survey results here in Australia are not dissimilar to other countries, however, the results are not quite as pronounced as they are in, say, the UK.

“Most Australians have valued the convenience of their own car for generations. This survey suggests that even more will in the future,” said McIntyre.

By contrast to this, current car owners that were surveyed indicated that they had little intention to change their usage of ride sharing services and public transport.

“There is no doubt those relying on public transport and rideshare as their primary transportation options clearly felt the impact of COVID-19 on their daily lives more so than car owners,” added McIntyre.

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