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Audi A6 Connect

Audi’s connect plus launches in Australia

Audi’s futuristic new features can warn you about traffic jams, looks out for parking spots and cheap petrol.

Cars that communicate with each other and react to possible dangers on the road in front is a future feature Audi is hoping to achieve since the launch of its new web-based connectivity system in Australia.

As of now, Audi connect plus warns you about traffic jams, can locate parking spaces and cheap petrol.

Experimental versions of the system are using what’s called ‘swarm technology’ to gather information from a number of vehicles about road quality which then warns following cars to anticipate and react accordingly for obstructions, which contributes to a smoother driving experience and potentially a reduction in on-road collisions.

Audi’s predictive system is still in development in Germany, and it would be a number of years before it’s seen on our side of the world.

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