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Are Your Clients Looking To Upgrade Their Vehicles or Equipment?

If your customers are looking to obtain replacement finance we can help you!

This is perfect for clients who would like to upgrade without the effort of providing financials. Furthermore, your clients can qualify to pay repayments 125% more than their current finance, allowing them to continue to provide the best quality to their consumers.

What does the client need?

  • Good credit history
  • A need for assets which are similar to what is currently under finance
  • An account which has been operating for 12 months or more (with good rating of course!)
  • Proposed monthly repayments of 125% or less of the current ones
  • Same client name as original finance
  • A total amount approved less than $500K
  • Minimum of 2 years in business

What types of equipment can be financed?

  1. Motor Vehicles
  2. Prime Movers, Trailers, Agricultural Equipment, Yellow Goods or Forklifts
  3. New Specialist Medical Equipment

Stop losing clients because you can’t offer them all their needs! Don’t be afraid to enlist help from AFS to ensure client retention and a diverse offering.

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