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A third of drivers won’t buy a new car without this feature

One-third of new car buyers wouldn’t purchase a car if it didn’t have Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.

The research, conducted by McKinsey & Company and reported by Automotive News, discovered that roughly 30 per cent of electric car buyers and 35 per cent of petrol cars globally considered a lack of Android Auto/Apple CarPlay a deal breaker.

A fifth of survey respondents claim that this feature is of the utmost importance and that they would buy a different model next time if the car manufacturer removed it.

The survey discovered that 17 and 30 per cent of petrol and electric vehicle (EV) owners respectively would pay for it if it weren’t a standard inclusion.

If the feature was removed from their car, 35 per cent of participants said they would switch to using a brand’s native operating system, 52 per cent said they would only use their smartphones while 14 per cent said they would buy a different car.

“If an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) moves away from seamless smartphone integration, obviously that’s a risk,” said McKinsey automotive and assembly practice global co-lead Kevin Laczkowski told Automotive News.

The survey was conducted after US carmaker General Motors announced it would not offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in its latest EVs last year. They claimed that their built-in GPS can better navigate and prepare the car for top-ups at public charging stations better than the smartphone apps, which are harder for the American car maker’s in-car systems to integrate with.

Conversely, Italian carmaker Ferrari said it was removing the native satellite navigation system in favour of Android Auto and Apple Car Play due to its ease of use and that in-built navigation was no longer necessary.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are sold in almost every new car on sale in Australia.

For older cars, retrofitting this feature has become a popular choice, with a variety of aftermarket units available for purchase to upgrade your car’s entertainment system.

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